The best Open Source Library software, starting at 40€ a month!

With Pikoloco, benefit from all the Koha modules, the first Open Source ILS, carefree and affordable.

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Once signed up, and your application installed, you can fully dedicate yourself to your librarian job.
We take care of everything else, Nous nous occupons du reste, chacun son métier.

It's economical!

A monthly subscription starting at 40€.
With everything included: hosting, technical support and software updates!

And it's Open Source!

Using Koha, World Class Open Source ILS, enjoy the Open Source mentality: you try it for free, you cancel whenever you want, you can export your data whenever you want.
You are free!

The first Open Source ILS, trouble-free

Koha is used by thousands of libraries of many sizes around the world.

  • A fully featured software

    Pikoloco is designed for libraries and documentation centers that need an easy to use library management software, with common features and modules to manage a library: cataloging, circulation, serials management, search, statistics, etc.

  • A browser and an Internet connexion are enough

    You can access and manage your Koha from any browser and computing device: tablet, desktop computer or smartphone.

  • An all inclusive offer

    You data are saved on our secured servers and you always have the latest Koha update.

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How does it work?

Very simple:

  1. You create an account on Pikoloco.
  2. One of our project manager will contact you and will setup your Koha with you
  3. If you chose our optionnal services, we migrate you data and train you on Koha.
  4. After the 3 months try it free period, you will be contacted by our Pikoloco expert to see if everything is fine.
  5. If you chose to keep Pikoloco, we will review the financial details, do the paperwork and that's it!

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All inclusive, even the service

Like our customers, you have access to our support platform. And to all the expert in our team!

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And why choose BibLibre?

Because we have strong technical and librarian skills!

We are a team of 20 people dedicated to your success and to the software we support.

All our team members have many years of experience into their technical domains and into the library world. Many of are even former librarians.

We speak the same language, and we have the same objective, make the librarian world a little bit better every day.

Because we are differents!

At BibLibre we only work with Open Source software because we believe they contribute to a community and freer world.

Choose BibLibre is primarily choose a strong expertise in the library field and project management. It is trusting a provider chosen by more than 90 libraries in France of all sizes, ranging from the Resistance museum in the Massif Central, which manages 5,000 records to the University of Aix-Marseille, which manages more than 1,5 million records for its 70,000 members.

You will also choose a 100% French company that is recognized as a Young Innovative Company, is Corporate Responsibility certified and is supported by public organizations such as BPI France.

Choose your Pikoloco!

Pikoloco Mini

Up to 5000 records

40 per month
  • Hosting and support included
  • Unlimited users
  • All Koha modules
  • Your online catalog
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Pikoloco Medium

Up to 10000 records

60 per month
  • Hosting and support included
  • Unlimited users
  • All Koha modules
  • Your online catalog
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Pikoloco Maxi

Up to 20000 records

80 per month
  • Hosting and support included
  • Unlimited users
  • All Koha modules
  • Your online catalog
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You have more than 20000 records? Contact us! !

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